About Us

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” said a literary genius John Keats and the window to the
beautiful world around is the human eye. Welcome to the brand that worships the visual faculty
of human anatomy that guides a being to heaven with the stimulation of sense of sight.
Welcome to “Intense Focus” a brand that focuses on creating pathbreaking original designs and
manufacturing a world class product based on 5 strong pillars which are


Intense Focus believes the first thing in any product that meets the eye is the shape. The designer takes the designs to a new height by introducing original, authentic shapes derived from a meticulous research and analysis of thousands of faces and their shapes.


A dash of color is something that accentuates the radiance on the face and goes a long way in establishing the person his chosen field of work. A thorough study of color psychology plays a pivotal role in selection of the color that seemingly contributes just 10 percent to the eye wear but actually the selection of the right shade of color takes a
humongous effort .


Eye wears are few of the only products that touch or are in nearest proximity of not just one but 5 delicate organs of the body: nose, eye, temples, ears head hence the material of the eyewear has a direct impact on the long term health of the organs. A meticulous study backed by derivation of an empirical formula based on parameters like face shape, profession of a person, nature of work, hours of exposure etc. guide the designer to make the final selection of the material for the frame.


One of the easiest things to say and the most difficult and intricate attributes to explain and understand is the virtue of Comfort. It can make or break a brand. Owing to a very strong learning curve of the brand, based on a cutting edge feedback mechanism, Intense focus has worked rigorously on the area of comfort.

Value for money

For ages there has been an adage-“Luxury is expensive”; Intense focus has challenged this notion and has swept the global market by introducing groundbreaking luxurious designer eyewear with a value for money proposition.

A clear conscience , a razor sharp intellect, a keen desire to contribute and make a difference in the world around is what has placed the brand Intense Focus at an extremely respectable position globally. With state of the art manufacturing facilities backed by an indigenous designing department and rock solid production, quality assurance, packaging and dispatching departments the brand has taken giant strides in the global eyewear market and is humbled with the generous response and reviews of its esteemed clients. Intense focus aims at grabbing every opportunity to touch people’s hearts by serving eye-catching designs for their enchanting eyes.